Introduction to Elkin Town Board Update December 2019

Mayor Bishop and town commissioners…
Thank you for the opportunity to up date you on the
activities of Watershed NOW.
The Big Elkin Creek Watershed
Is home to our greatest natural resource….our water. It is our lifeblood. Our body weight is roughly 2/3 water…
and, if we drink and use our city water, it comes from the Big Elkin Creek. The great environmentalist John Muir, the “Father of our National Parks”, has said that our rivers do not flow past us, they flow through us. So not only do we live in the Big Elkin Creek Watershed, we are part of the watershed. We must protect it. If we love it, it will provide for us. If we love it’s people, they will care for us. But we cannot love the watershed and it’s people until we know them. So Watershed NOW is partnering with the schools and churches, with businesses and organizations, with farmers and landowners and with the Town to learn to love our watershed and, in turn, to be cared for by it.
In our update six months ago, I mentioned the possibility of getting funding for a number of projects. I am excited to report this evening that those projects have received the necessary funding to be realized. I will note those in this update.
In your packet that Brent provided, you have a synopsis of the update. I have also given to you some additional photos that I will refer to during the update.

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